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            I was born and raised in the small town of Stockholm, Maine USA. I always enjoyed cross country skiing for as long as I could remember. It wasn't till my 14th birthday that I attended my first biathlon practice. Soon after I started to wonder what the limits were in the sport and since then I've simply been pursuing those limits.

            Personality wise I like my objects to be symmetrical, might seriously have OCD,and am pretty introverted to say the least. Under the right circumstances I can be very creative and have full intentions of putting that to good use someday. Spare time is best spent playing video games, hunting, watching movies, and the occasional attempt at photography. I'm never board and would eliminate sleep altogether if I could. 
            Since the start of my career I have been put through a gauntlet on successes and set backs. Ranging from World Cup starts and multiple national titles on the high end to not making the Olympics team and missing countless targets on the low end. This will be my fourth year on the Senior National team.

            After a decade of training and racing I decided it was time to start up a website. A site that can inform you of what I'm trying to do as well what's going on in my day to day life. That and maybe some pictures along the way. I hope you'll follow me on the never ending adventures that this sport provides year after year. 

If need be you can reach me at russell.currier@yahoo.com .

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Unknown said...

Best wishes in Sochi! Congratulations! Show the world what a kid from a small town in Maine can do. Michel Nadeau