Wednesday, April 10, 2013

JPEG and some RAW

    A few from the past 12/13 season that I thought were worth putting up. These are closely in chronological order.

Skiing in late May in Bend, OR

My corps handing on for dear life training in LP.

Euro training camp 2012

And skiing in a giant freezer in Oberhof, Germany 

Rollersking in Fort Kent
What would a fall be with out three weeks in Utah?
At least we're not getting rained on. 

Something is missing here.
What a gem.

And them came Ostersund. 
To Hochfilzen

To Bled, Slovenia  
Relax, it's under control. 

And even home for Christmas. 

Naturally I'm the one with his eyes closed.
To Ruhpolding
Followed my a week or three in Antholz

Nove Mesto Shenanigans 

Mass Start WCH
Our low week back in Inzel

Sunshine in Oslo

Rubles spent in Sochi

All the way to the closing in Khanty.