Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Less Stock more Blueberries


Oatmeal doesn't more unprocessed then this. 

       Whatever gets you to the office in the morning is good enough. You can't say that sentence without saying "gets you to the office."By that logic your source of motivation is good enough. Every since the poor shooting at the first round of trials I've been training out of bitterness and frustration. The way I see it, complaining about poor results has little too no benefit. Every quality training session I do brings me one step further from more poor performances. At this point, most of the training is actually just maintenance of the past ten or so years of physical conditioning.  With that said, besides training my face off, what else have I done to up the level lately?

        While I've been training for some time now, the effort that goes into training even now, never lets up. The key is be constantly pushing your threshold. Not only that, you have to be pushing it in a better way than the rest of the field. We're competing against the best in the world, there isn't time for anything less. Certain key sessions have been at the center of this model. In July we were doing six times six minutes of roller skiing at a hard race effort. Since then I've increased the load to nine by six minutes. A full hour of quality effort is the goal. Every session is a part of much larger exercise phys  setting balanced with my own experience.

       Having everything work is a minimal standard. Much like training, equipment has to be world class. Rifle, skis, poles, boots should all feel like a healthy extension of the body. You can see in the pictures that the stock has been carved out. You wouldn't think a bit of wood here and there would do much, but there is no doubting that the rifle swings on the back a little bit easier now. The hook on at the end of stock is a masterpiece. Since it's wrapped in grip tape, you'll have to take my word for it.

      On a more lighter note, have you noticed the free food falling from some of the trees lately? Am I the only one who sees this? Most apples you purchase in the store have been in a warehouse for about a year before they're ready for sale. On the other hand the tress outback are brimming with free organic ultra fresh apples. Just, going to through that one out there. It's also blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and dozens of other fruit and vegetables season. The garden yields much more spinach than my windowsill operation ever did. I had the always fun job of dog sitting what might be a hyena last week. The payment for this was free picking of an industrial strength blueberry bush. Zimmerman, is still alive and I'm in process of freezing the blueberries.

       That's about it for now. More training camps and racing to come.

A before shot of the upper hook. 
Another before picture from this spring.

The new and much improved version. 

Only needed that part of the bolt lever anyway. 
Yeah.. so... I found a nice deal on four pounds of comb honey. This stuff is the same color as gold for reason!

Thank you Finnsisu for the fast and friendly help this summer. 

Just another run to get lost on. 

Had a blueberry related mishaps. It happens to the best of us. 

This bread machine is making store bought bread obsolete. 

When the USOC tells you the Olympic registration head shot isn't good enough. 

Zimmerman approves of this update.