Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Team Effort


              With one year to go before the next winter Olympics it's clear that I won't be able to make it happen without the help of generous fans. I always despised asking for funding, but if there is one thing worse, it's not reaching my full potential because I didn't have the resources to make the last bit of difference. So with the season behind me and some new ideas on the way Operation: Olympics Round Two is going to need your help.
            The season was a pricey one. When I said there were some narrowly missed opportunities here and there, what those misses cost me could be measured in results and monetary Euros. For a brief time, with the help of some generous support, I thought I had more than what I needed, then it was close to, and finally when the totals came in I fell short by a substantial amount. For the record, it was worth it. I needed those races, pricey or not. February's personal training camp in Antholz was top quality compared to the alternative of a trip all the way back home. Everything contributed to having enough success to set up national team support for this coming training year.

          The coming training year has a hand full of ideas on the table. Nothing is set in stone yet. Part of the reason these ideas have not been laid out is because they are not cheap. The changes I want to make on my rifle would require a plane ticket. The opening for some training in Lake Placid might require a place other than the OTC to hold up at. And yes, gas can add up when you have to drive anywhere from 40 minutes to training or eight hours for a training camp. Food is pricey when only the top quality nutrition will do. Those, plus the unpredictable equipment breakdowns and that, of course, includes vehicle maintenance. This isn't an attempt to sell the situation as gloomy, more so just highlighting what's needed to make the most of this coming Olympic year.

         This is where the rallyme campaign comes into play. As mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of having to do this. Hence, this is the first time I've taken this rout. It's a bit unclear how the donating system works, but rallyme is popular site and has had success for plenty of athletes in similar situations. The introduction on the site is similar to this update, but includes the outlet to donate.

           Lack of commitment has never been my weak point. I still maintain that it is a matter of playing the right cards at the right time more than it is gifted talent. With your support I can better make the right changes needed to secure another Olympic team naming. Needless to say any donation will very much appreciated. The dead line is May 20th. If you have any questions you can reach me at

As always, thanks again!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Less Text More Pisxels Round Three

      It was a decent year for the camera. Not a great one, but "okay" at the very least. There was no pictures taken from Beitostolen, NOR, but officially that's where the season started. That said, these pictures are actually in order. More info on operation 2018 Olympic season to come. For now, here are some of the better pictures from the past few months.

The icy path to breakfast in Ostersund Sweden
And then we were in Slovenia...
Yeah, SLO is not so bad.
Just getting lost on a run in Nove Mest, CZ.

Impressive crowd size from the Nove Mesto WC.

An easy classic ski in Oberhof, Germany.

I wonder if they planned this when they planted those trees like that in Dusniki Poland.

All in one afternoon run at Euro Champs.

The post Euro Champs ride into Slovakia could have used a cow catcher.
Green light outside our window on snowy night. What timing.
Seldom sunny in Brenso, Slovakia.
You sure do get to room in some interesting places.

Russell attempts to travel via train with a ski bag. 

An average sunny warm day in Antholz, Italy.

Most days the side walk in Kontiolahti, Finland is in better shape than the actual road. 

 Tiny houses in Otepaa, Estonia. 
Racing in the bright purple of USA at the IBU cup in Otepaa. 
One of my favorite venues, the Tehvandi stadium in Otepaa. 

The final race of the season. The mass start in Jericho, VT