Friday, June 3, 2016


      Training is back in full swing. The plan of attack for this training season was to seek new ideas. Whether it was reaching outside of the sport or reworking the normal approach to training philosophy, it was worth taking the chances. Some of these efforts have come together, while the rest have taken some time, but are still in the works. Talking and sending emails might help you look professional, but at the end of the day you still have to make things happen on a tangible level. This is what I've mustered up so far.
Because why would we not have a snow storm in the middle of May. 
      To start, the training goal plan, was to make it easier on myself, or at least in some ways easier. The only real easier side of it this year is the lack of volume. The plan is set on about 650 hours. Not much over two hour sessions the day before high intensity days and the frequency of hard efforts has taken an increase, but the amount of time per session isn't through the roof. Last training year it was about 87% easy base training and 13ish% just below or in the race effort zone. This year, a sub 85% easy level training should be feasible. In other words: less time going slow, more time going fast. That coupled with a few specific session changes and lack of marathon training mid racing season will hopefully bring the ski speed up to world class level.

The parts that make a biathlon rifle are from all over the place. Germany, France, my neighbor down the road, Norway, the garage up the road in Fort Kent and some duct tape I bought at Mardens. 
       On the shooting front I was starting to get a little worried when I wasn't able to find much for resources. On the other hand, if I were to find some incite the new advise would probably lead to changes on the rifle itself. As much as I like my old stock I was already planning on making some changes to it. The clutch was that making any changes means breaking out the wood filler and sand paper. It works, but it's not the most efficient system for making adjustments. So you can see where this is this going. I sent an email or two out and shortly later there was new stock flying through the air with my name on it. It has since arrived. The break in stage is still ongoing, but this new stock is the best for making on the spot adjustments. That was what grabbed my attention in the first place. What little live shooting I've done so far has been promising.
       Good contacts can go a long way. Despite not being named to any national team this year, the world of biathlon hasn't forgotten about me. Everyone is still behind me and sending feed back when they can. A slow start yes, but it's a long training season and the components of better results are making some headway.
      The reacquiring obstacles are still around. The orange engine light in my truck likes to stay on, I could use another pair of roller skis, I can't recommend a Jamis cycle-cross bike yet, and if my lettuce would start growing that would be grand. It's also that time of year when I take an online class and go back to dreaming of the rest of the year when I'm not taking an online class. That about sums up that.
15 sec up / 15 sec down for 8 min. 3 time over. fun times. 
      There is a lot of progress to be made that is still in the "to be made" stage, but I'm doing my homework like I always have. It's just a matter of doing it correctly. It helps when you have random snow storms in the middle of May and get to train on snow in your back yard. Even the weather is up for making new ideas happen.