Thursday, April 2, 2015

In Pictures 2014/15 Season

Here are some of the better photos from this racing season. There actually in chronological order for a change. Hope you like them.

This is how it started. In Sjusjoen, Norway. One of the few non New England places to have winter. 
First WC in Ostersund, SWE 
The first trimester WC team
I guess we were all focused on the beard.

Given the amount of time we spend on our laptops this time of year I thought this one was worthy. 

Now this is what I call a real breakfast. 
Did I mention the lack of snow in Europe?

From the hotel in the morning in Bled, Slovenia for the third WC.

An afternoon run in Duszinki, Poland. 

Again with the lack of snow department. 

Just Euro travel things. 

Another year of racing in Ridnaun, ITA

Heading up the pass in Antolze, ITA

Racing in Otepeaa, Estonia

Which was my first glimpse of actual winter since Sjusjoen. 
And finally back home for some attempts at baking. 
Familiar trails 2015!