Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Absolute November

If you zoom in you can see who might have had something to do with this one. Per capital Donworth st. Stockholm, USA isn't doing too badly. 
        It's 11 AM and I'm just now starting my warmup. The clouds make everything look like a black and white picture. It's damp and windy. Better weather wouldn't have made a difference at this point. After waking up a 4:45 earlier that morning to lay camouflaged in the middle of potato field left me cold to the core. We didn't see the massive swarm of geese that we were hoping to see, but put in a good effort none the less. I had to grit my teeth as I rolled down the hill on rollerskis. This is when you realize how much of a classic November day it is.
12X2min max bounding up to the fire tower. If you look closely you can add up the sticks used to keep track. 
        After the Utah camp I didn't know precisely what my plans were. Emails were sent in every direction. All in an effort to make a concrete decision on what the best course of action for was. From the sounds of it the non IBU or WC field of North America was heading towards Canmore, AB. The first image that comes to mind at the mention of Canmore is just me spinning my hands around in violent circles. It looks pretty strange if you've never seen it before but it's the only thing preventing frost bite. So yeah Canmore is cold and dark. On the other hand I certainly wouldn't be the only one there. The rest of the MWSC crew is already out there. There is snow and a couple of NorAm cups on the schedule.
Unlike max intervals, we have waffles, which happen to be one of the best things planet earth has to offer.
        I have to be in Mt. Itasca, MN in mid December no matter where I leave from if I want to progress my season. That part was nailed down. Since those races matter I really didn't want to take any risk going into them. The dependable snow and NorAm races in Canmore made it the best solution. The coaches and I made a training plan and flight itinerary that revolved that rout. From what I hear the weather is surprisingly mild. I'm banking on the get lucky card and have it be just below freezing the whole time. We'll see how that one pans out.
Try babysitting a hyena for a weekend.  
        The time before heading out west and after Utah was too short. It always is. I put in a solid attempt to get a deer, but never saw anything. I visited some old friends, and the family had makeshift Thanksgiving two weeks in advance. For training I concentrated most of it into a four day period. Starting out with a four and half hour distance and ending with a running TT. The other part to November involves scrambling up what ever training methods you can. These two weeks had me on the bike, rollerskis, snow skis, and a lot of running.
I had to add in the extra color because well, it's November. 

        So far travel hasn't been going as smooth as planned. It seldom does and when I do get lucky I just feel nervous about how badly I'm going to get it next time. I spent the weekend dog sitting and packing. Packing consisted of frustration due to the search for my passport. Once that crisis was adverted we made out way down to Bangore. The seven AM flight was canceled for the day and then delayed the next. These things happen. I'm rapping this one up as the flight to Calgary starts to board. There is a lot to had with the rest of the month. For now just thinking of everything else left in my day is enough to keep me occupied. Boredom is for the weak.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Training on the Moon

       The mutual feeling on the team is that Soldier Hollow and surrounding area is similar to what you might imagine the moon to be like. Anywhere that isn't a field or road is blanketed with sage brush. I managed to become pretty efficient at running through it. Here are some pictures from the past three weeks.