Friday, June 22, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked

       How is it that with out currently going to school and not really having a normal job that I still find myself never having enough time to get to the end of that elusive to do list? Do I set my goals to high? Should I stop agreeing to doing so many shenanigans? I can not remember the last time I felt board for a moment. There is always something fun or productive to do with my limited spare time. This is me venting about the random tedious task and choirs that plague my everyday life.
Do I really need to elaborate?
       Our Finish coach has a nutrition program that will calculate all the data behind the food you eat. So in the name of science I have to record everything I eat with an approximation of each serving size. There is a document on my computer called "foodUNfunned" for it. Then there's my training log. That one never goes away. I keep it in tip top shape compared to some of the others on the team members, but it comes with cost of soaking up a few extra minutes of the average day. I'm always sifting though emails and procrastinating a reply to them. Can you blame me? I made a commitment to learning German a long time ago. Naturally I'm still committed to it, but it does take a lot of motivation to click on the Rosetta Stone icon on my desktop. The final touches on my video for tomorrow's roast is done. Glad to say that half decent gem is done and over.
         That was just on the computer front. Other projects consist of trying to balance on an old roller ski for five minutes. This may sound strange, but it's actually very good for balance. Something that I'm not great at. The more you train the more you're muscles break down. It's a similar situation for equipment. More often than not something needs to fixed or cleaned. The rifle gets a clean down at least twice a week. I can't afford new rollerskis every year so instead I have to keep the bearings greased up. I still haven't gotten around to completely fixing my mt bike. That would involve a trip to Van Buran which means giving up an afternoon nap. Pole tips always need sharpening, boots need drying, clothing is always in the wash, chances are there is something wrong with my car, my MP3 player needs to charge, my heart rate monitor doesn't work, and I need to find some wood filler to then add and subtract from the rifle stock.
          So most of everything mentioned so far is predictable and expected. There are what could be called "seasonal shenanigans." For instance, I still have to whip up a speech at some point for an old friend. Since I'm home now, you can imagine the endless opportunities people throw my way. Training doesn't stop when the watch dose. If I'm in Fort Kent it means youth practice has just started and I'm around to assist in any way I can. It's not that I don't like helping out, it's just that 24 hours isn't always enough to breath sometimes. There are some single track trails in Stockholm- that is, there was, most of it has grown in lately, but I still have intentions of completing the trail system some day year. Think of it as the "century trail" program. You would think that with everything on my plate I would know better than to go out of my way to add more and yet sooner or later (when I have the time) I'll be done with a college application for an online class or two in the future.
         None of these mentioned are all that time consuming. The 25 hour training week that I have coming up makes them time consuming. Do you know how hard it is to dry fire or set up the range for hard intervals when you're  basically a make shift zombie? Training can deplete you mentally to if you do enough of it. I need my relax time so to prevent insanity.
         Alright made it to the last paragraph. Sorry for the lack of post these past few weeks. I just thought I would give some insight as to why I don't update this place as much I would like to. With poor spelling it takes much longer to type these up than it does to read them. I guess that one is my fault or spell check's rather. Nevertheless I'll throw in a picture or two call it good and work on that insanity prevention part of the day. 
I forgot to mention that driving is great way to waist otherwise productive time.