Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Team Time Trial Race 3 Done

We're getting closer to the end.

* 15km individual with 45sec penalties per miss.

* Two of the four of the men are sick and didn't race. It was a race between Leif and I.

* Neither of us had a spectacular race. Leif had the better of the two and will race the relay in Ruhpolding

* Weather felt like it was spring time. Snow held up better than expected, but still soft enough for a grueling effort.

* To be fair a better race for the both of us could have been more likely if we had had better race prep.

* We left Slovakia yesterday morning and were in the van all day instead of pre viewing the course like any other normal professional race.

* Next few days will be easier as I work towards the last race on Saturday.

* Hang in there. We're almost done!

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Steven Gagnon said...

We are all pulling for you Russell back here in Caribou and entire State of Maine. You can do this...stay focused, sharp and keep up your tenacity and "Can -Do " spirit!!
Steven Gagnon