Saturday, January 6, 2018

IBU Cup Sprint 1 Done!

Here we go again.

* Good race today. 14th overall. Top US result.

* Started bib 76. Conditions were deep and slushy.

* Conditions were consistent  with a terminal mashed up factor, which helped with having a late start number.

* Conditions, being deep and slushy, were not my strong point. You can't cherry pick where you want to go for and where you want to hold back. A lot of energy is wasted just trying to lift your skis out of the snow.

*  Did not have a good prone range time. One of the slowest on the day.

* On the other hand every target went down.

* Standing similar story.

* Clean shooting felt nice. I never even glanced at the penalty loop.

* Skis were great! We've missed the ski part of racing on the IBU cup before. So today was such a nice change of pace to have skis that were in the top tier mix.

* Energy was solid! Hard to tell in these conditions. The course is nice, not my best, but it has enough for me to work with.

* Next race is tomorrow. Same format. Everything all over again.

Thanks for the support!! I should be able to keep these to the point updates coming.

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