Sunday, January 7, 2018

IBU Cup 2 Done

* Decent result today 27th with 70% shooting

* Ski were great. Compliments to our wax team

* Better start number today with bib 7

* Wasn't able to focus as well in prone as yesterday and took on two misses.

* Almost made it out of standing quickly with no mistakes. Almost got me to last shot before missing one.

* Good energy on skis. Conditions were a little better, bur far from ideal.

* Optimism is still intact. More races to go. Things are going well enough.

* The team departs tomorrow morning for Arber, Germany.

* Two down Two to go.

* This is me still alive and fighting.


Unknown said...

Keep going, don't give up. We are cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

Great work so far, good luck, keep pounding.