Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grinding Through Imperfections

No time for fluff. Here is the pseudo bulleted break down of the individual format today in Kontiolahti, Finland.

-- Early start, for whatever reason the whopping one hour time change has been difficult.
-- Energy didn't feel great yesterday or today. No particular reason, but sometimes the legs are heavy.
-- Tricky choosing skis, had to factor in snow fall and different parts of the course.
-- Zero was good. Only 15 shots needed total.
-- Still tired leading up to start.
-- Started the race off with a pole break. Couldn't even make it out of the starting gate correctly.
-- A profanity and some one pole skiing was how the first 200 meters of the race was.
-- Acquired a spare pole, not mine but an improvement over only one.
-- Acquired my spare pole a few hundred meters before the shooting range.
-- Not a fast range time, but a clean one.
-- Slammed some honey water on the second loop, it is 20km afterall
-- Still taking my time I missed the last shot in standing
-- Conditions are starting to wear thin on me. Already counting down the 4km laps left to go
-- Nervous, but in control I clean both prone stages. A rare sight and one that feels great.
-- Miss my feed hand off and have to get it at a different spot.
-- Feeling good about one more standing stage.
-- Proceed to miss low twice adding a healthy two minutes on to my time.
-- Legs are not into the last loop and breathing is now a pathetic wheeze.
-- Finish 17th. Almost great! But further from bad than most of the season.
-- Like the course profile. Don't like the conditions.
-- Need to be more smooth with transitions and tactics.
-- Maybe not miss two in my last stage.

       I hope that sums it up. It was good day and Saturday's sprint race could be a good one to. Finland is alright. If you like your own space and strive to avoid social confrontations, or maybe you just really like all things licorice then Finland is for you. Not much for pictures yet. We've been working with overcast so far and it hasn't made for any good photo moments yet.

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