Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eight Day Breakdown Highlights.

        Quick update here:  The past week has been an interesting one. Here is a time line of what happened. It's something different from the usual format.

Wednesday Jan 25th : Individual race at European Chamsps. Great skiing 9th fastest. Two bad stages        on a day that demanded four good stages.

Thursday Jan 26th : Easy! Short classic ski with shooting. Was really looking forward to another                chance at racing.

Friday Jan 27th : Sprint race. Woke with congested sinuses and scratchy throat. Did not ski fast or              shoot well. Had to race for a shot at World Champs. Motivation was shut down after the race.

Saturday Jan 28th : A regular sick day. No pursuit. Call from coach to confirm no World Champs this         year. Rest of season is also not looking good. Easy run. Highlight of day was not getting lost.

Sunday Jan 29th : Easy classic ski at the venue. Felt good during training. Fever followed shortly               after. Had to stay at the venue to help pack up gear. Not in very good shape that afternoon.

Monday Jan 30th : Fever was down, sinuses still congested. Started elaborate plan for next few weeks         to salvage the season. Chances for success were not 100% impossible as previously thought. Six         hour ride south to Orsblie, Slovakia.

Tuesday Jan 31th : Orsblie is just as a vaguely remember it from 2012. Super steep and long climb            out of the stadium. Cold, but plenty of snow

Wednesday Feb 1st : Energy is back. Shooting is not, difficult to limit bad stages. Warmer out today.          February plan gets laid out. Logistics are looking plausible.

Thursday Feb 2nd (today) : Pre-race training session. Shooting is still in a hole. Some good stages,            some scary bad stages. Energy was good, course was hard to work with. Anything could happen          tomorrow.

That about sums it up. The sentence fragmenting made this update much more relaxed and easy to do :) While I really like shooting well during training it actually doesn't matter how well or poor you shoot here. All I have to do is shoot well when it counts. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to have a good race.

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