Friday, November 25, 2016

The Beitostolen Breakdown

Here are the details about the IBU cup today in Beitostolen, Norway. No fluffy intro this time. Lets cut right to meat and potatoes of how it went and what it means for the racing season.

- Nice course profile, lots of snow, warm today, stable conditions.
- Legs felt a little heavy during the race. Might have been the two days of travel or six hours of jet lag, or the lack of race prep
- Very windy! Misses were more frequent than normal for the IBU cup field.
- Almost lost my cuff before the race. Found it, had a back up cuff ready to go otherwise
- Missed my first two in prone on the right, last three went down when the wind let up slightly
Accidentally ejected a magazine in standing! Shouted for spare. Single USA coach was on the course with my back up. Range officials eventually figured out the reason for my hysteria and I was able to complete my standing stage. 
- Missed last two in standing and about a minute plus in range time.
- Good ski speed, despite a one man wax team. Tenth fastest! 
- Result was a 111 point race. I needed to be under 125 points to race the WC in Ostersund.
- In the car with Jonas right now on our way to Ostersund.
- The faster route is snowed in. Now we're hoping for a sub nine hour trek. 

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