Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Frozen Thunder Traffic Jam 2016

       What a nice change of pace it is to be in Canmore, Alberta when the temps aren't peaking in the single digits. Then again, being in Canmore anytime of the year (if you can afford it) is a nice situation. Still, we're on snow and it's only now November. It took a lot of travel and resources to get the US biathlon team out here, but with a 2.5km loop and a 31 point range it was worth it.

        Training has been going well. The altitude is high enough to feel, but not so high that you can't keep your whit during training. The loop is over crowed even when it's supposed to be closed off to non national team athletes. On more than one occasion we have had to run over skis when three skiers abreast are taking up the trails without the slightest idea that another athlete might be going faster than they are. Nevertheless, training has been going well. Shooting felt a little nervous the first week, but after the past couple of days it's been under control again.
         The loop was occupied by a XC race so the US biathlon team went for a run instead. Here's a few pictures snagged during.
And here we have Canmore.

Not too much for photographic evidence of the loop yet. If look closely you can see the ribbon of snow.    

Local running trails here are okay I guess. 
The most photogenic bird I've ever encountered. 

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