Friday, January 30, 2015

Slow Skis Anyone?

        Yeah that's right. If anyone saw the results from yesterday then this little side note is for you. Biathlon is a sport of many details. Some you can control and others you can't. The parts that you can't are more often then not the limiting factors.  Then there is a bit of a grey area. Nailing the race wax is pretty much in that grey area. The end result not being anyone's fault but still an unlucky day for our team at the Open European Champs here in Otepaa, EST.

            Despite not having the limitless resources that the top ranked biathlon nations have we typically have ski quality as good or better  than anyone else on race day.  This wouldn't be the first time I've mentioned this, nor would I be the only team member. There is a lot of effort that goes into the base of race ski. There is work being done on grinds in the summer, ski testing days before competition and early morning starts even for afternoon race times. Only on rare occasions do we have off days. The first two legs of the relay in Hochfilzen, AUT last December was a good example. One which help prevent me from finishing the last leg. See also the sprint in Poland a few weeks ago.
         The course here is not the kind of course profile to have slow skis on. If ever there was a course to suit bad skis it might actually be the 3.3km in Presque Isle. In other words this loop wasn't wrought with technically downhills. It's mostly long straight descents. You need a low tuck and fast skis to stay in the race. We didn't have this. You can imagine how hard it was to keep the spirit up when you're passing others on the climbs and losing it all and then some on even the shorter descents. Good or bad shooting I didn't feel as if I had a chance. Leif wasn't feeling the best before the race and dropped out. I don't blame him and complemented to the same.  

         It's no ones fault. We didn't have the full waxing service or supplies that was normally have. These things happen. Yesterday was just proof of the grey area. Aside from my last stage, shooting felt decent. It was very windy. The results of the whole field can avouch for that. The energy level was good for me. Tomorrow is a new day and a new race. Let's see what happens this time.

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