Monday, January 19, 2015

Ridnanna, IT

          Ridnaun has always been a favorite to race at. Even when we're not staying at the four star Schneeberg maze it's a place to look forward to. It's not perfect and my results this past weekend are far from helping, but with the day by day philosophy that I've clung to this new year it's not so bad. Let's keep this short and sweet. Some pictures and right down to the point.

          There a mild blizzard for all three races. The weather was perfect. Blue sky and sunny. Or at least it was when we arrived and again today when we're getting ready to leave. The actual business part of the trip was literally blanketed with snow and overcast.  Results were not so sunny. I'm making some progress, but not in fast enough time. The conditions were never in my favor. Still, the ski speed time in the pursuit was better than I expected. Shooting felt better than it was. In the pursuit it took one prone and one standing stage to find that right rhythm. That's no excuse but it's something to work with for the next race.

          Speaking of which. The next race, as far as I'm told, will the world cup in Anterselva. The valley 90 minutes over from here. Antholze has a slightly better course profile and better venue set up. Much like Rindaun it's not unfamiliar. After that it's off to the Open European Champs in Estonia. More details on that later.  Beyond that I don't have the slightest idea and don't have the motivation to dwell on it. For now here are some pictures of one of the best places to be.
The team VW still going strong since 2006
With some poor shooting I was out of the relay. In it's place was an 1:40 run. 
Not all of these pictures are in chronological order. There wasn't enough snow for a 3.3km loop when teams were arriving. 
...And then the snow came just in time for us to race in it.

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