Friday, August 1, 2014

Boring and Repetitive

        My apologizes for the lack of updates as of late. Never mind being busy as always there simply isn't much to update about. With out any camps or real misadventures life boils down to few simple routines. On top of that these routine are not very exciting. Conversely, for me the average day is still a stretch from the real world. to be fair it's a lot closer that it has been the past couple of years, but the thought of taking back what had yesteryear is yet another source of drive. The kind of drive that comes in handy during this morning's four plus hour ride in which I bonked twice. Now I remember why I always bring food with me.

The Belgium waffle iron was a win birthday present. 

You can see my ol shooting range in this one. It functions well for running / standing only combos.
Transplanted my precious. Not really sure what kind of tree it is, so lets see if it can deal with northern Maine.

Almost made a perfect loop. There's always plenty of uncharted trails around these parts.

An afternoon on the hill of 2nd Ave.
We plowed right through the rain and made our 4th of July awesome.

The car is the least expensive item in the photo.

But I still think highly of my horseless buggy.  

                "Boring and repetitive" came from an old coach. It revolved around the way shooting should feel. Every shot should feel the same as the last. In other words good consistency in shooting should also feel boring and repetitive. In case you were wondering.

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