Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bad Decisions 2014

         Let's throw a proper introduction to wind and skip right to climatic punch line. I skied on structure skis. There were race skis prepped and ready to go for me. I grabbed the wrong pair, checked them through and proceed to race on them. To call them slow would be an understatement. It was as if they were in love with the snow and didn't want to stop hugging it with every stride. I did use my race skis. This was during my cool down and just for curiosity. The skis that I was supposed to use were fast and really seem to hate all contact with the snow. This cruel sport never fails to deliver.

        Yeah so anyways this was the highlight of the sprint race for me today in Pokljuka, Slovenia. The conditions were decent considering how warm it was. They unleashed the salt effect on the places that needed it and held off where it didn't. The wind was factor for some and not for others. It was fairly consistent with the occasional gust.
       The legs felt pretty good during warm up. They have been a little heavy this past week and I was pleased to be feeling good today. My shooting was actually okay. Range times were slow, but that was due in part to some wind fighting during standing. It was actually amazing that I made it out of standing with only one miss. So with 80% shooting and a fresh feeling in the legs shouldn't a top 40 be in striking distance? Not really. Not when your rocking what could have been classic skis. When you lose a minute plus per lap there isn't much you can do.
       I don't know what this means from here on out. I still did my cool down. I'll go for an afternoon run later on. When the coaches are less busy I'll try to cram in a meeting.  We're staying in Bled, Slovenia and this place is awesome. I suspect Slovenia might just be one of the coolest places no one knows about. Maybe just not back home. As much as this place thrives on tourism it still feels like an under appreciated gem. I'll have some old pictures up later when the motivation is back.

I guess there is a first time for everything.

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