Friday, January 24, 2014

The Euro Living Quarters

        Over the past few years the US team has spent enough time in the Anterselva valley to warrant it a second home or sorts. While not racing or at training camps I claim Lake Placid and Stockholm  as sort of a dual residents. When we're in Europe the See Hause Hotel just up from the race venue in Antolze is probably where we spend more time than anywhere else while in Europe.

        I'm too burnt out on typing up long updates about life at the moment. Just pick up most any Maine based news paper and there's probably mention of me. The training has been nice enough to to snag some good pictures.

If you follow the pass up the valley it will take you into Austria where there is a restaurant and about five or so kilometers of groomed trail. 

If I recall from the summer camp back in 2010 the hiking here isn't too bad either. 

Sochi has nothing on our altitude training camp. 
This is what it feels like when you take your glasses off for the first time on a sunny day. 
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