Monday, September 30, 2013

Blood, Lead and, Sriracha Sauce

         There isn't much in the way of shattering news on my front. Nothing too far out the ordinary has happened as of late. This is, for the most part, a good thing. Life will get more chaotic in a few months. Good training and bird hunting will do just fine for now. The Fall colors are at there peak in Placid, our USBA team dinner was nice, the weather has been almost too good, and I may have won bet here and there.

          For reasons uncertain the shooting component is starting to look more professional. Range times are still in a secure place. Much faster then what I was working with last year. But there has a been a decent amount of struggle and frustrations with the hit percentages these past couple of months. Admittedly, there wasn't much of an end in sight even after the Euro camp. So you can imagine how pleased the coaches and I were when the stars started to align during this current training block. It's still not where I want it to be, but it's looking better. I'm usually in the 70% range. 85 or higher would be swell.  

           Physical training is also going well. Technique is ever so slightly refined. We can only assume that we're all in good shape right now. With it not even being October yet there isn't any reason to be in too great shape. We haven't done any consistent time trials or test to really put a number on fitness. We've had good luck with this training plan in years past and we're not doing anything drastic so I think we're in a good place right now.

          On a slightly different note. Almost a year ago when boredom was plentiful and sunlight scarce (Ostersund, pre WC camp) the other guys asked how much it would take me to finish an entire 12oz bottle of Sriracha sauce. I had some on my food. It's basically just fancy ketchup with a rooster on the label. I would call is mild at best. I told them $20. They told me they were just joking, but would reconsider if I was actually serious. I was. We had almost forgotten about it until they started serving it in the cafeteria at the OTC.   
Nothing like a minor hemorrhage to keep the blood lactate in check.  

         Lowell was having a fire at his place and sure enough Tim bought a fresh unopened bottle of the fancy ketchup. No one thought to take the official time, but video analysis suggest it was under four minutes. The trick is to not think these things through. There was no stomach ulcers and it stayed down. I can't however say that it didn't take revenge the next day. The point is, Tim said I couldn't do it and after that there was no other option but to do it.
They repaved most of Bearcub road. What a nice gem.

          That about sums it up for now. We have one more week left in this training block. It's a solid 23 hour week. After that it's homeward bound for me. Hopefully I'll get in some good bird hunting before the usual Utah tradition. Maybe by then I'll have the $20 the other guys owe me. Which was absolutely worth it for the record.  

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