Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meanwhile in Bavaria

Day 1
        It's pouring rain, my legs are not liking the downhill bashing I'm putting them through so I give up on charted trail and tread the woods in what should be the direction home. If my GPS isn't lying to me it should only be 2kms from the Raushberg. Not long after, I find myself knee high in Bavaria's finest thorn bushes. There's no turning back and if I just keep pushing the pace I should be able to keep the total for the day under five and half hours. This, is yet another day at the office of the 2013 Euro training camp.
Some hiking
       I mentioned last time that just looking at the training plan made me tired. Those fears were not unjustified. After the third day I'm pretty certain we were all tired. Since it was only the third day of a three week camp we all playing the "tired and hide it" game. When the first Saturday rolled around all we could talk about was how useless our once energetic bodies once were. I suspect the last couple of days of the camp are going to make the coaches feel like there working with a team of zombies.
Sometimes I hike really fast! Sometimes I
just use the zoom blur feature.
      At this point it takes a large training load to make any difference in fitness. I guess that's the point of these three week blocks. The other method is to be more clever at biathlon. Working on technique can compliment this approach. For me it really comes down to shooting better. The drop in range times is the biggest improvement of the year. If I could bring the hit percentages up then a lot of my problems could dissolve over night. That's the real goal of this camp. If I train 20+ hours a week and get lost on afternoon runs then that's just a bonus. We've already made some changes to the rifle and my shooting mechanic. Tonight I'll head into Ruhpolding for some indoor shooting and tomorrow we have a full blown time trial. In other words, there is still plenty of time to figure it out before heading back to the States.
      We haven't done much in the way of fun excursions. The economy around these parts seems to be a mix of tourism and farming. There isn't any lack of culture in Bavaria. That much is certain. For those of you from the US reading this try to imagine the belt buckle hat pilgrim style set of attire being completely acceptable clothing for going out on the town. Full Lederhosen and a walking stick are nothing out of the normal here. All of the women in the town compete with each other via window flower boxes while all of the men try to stack there wood as neatly and tight as possible. For the record I'm not exaggerating to make this sound better. Some styles change over the course of 400 years and some apparently don't.
Early morning
      The landscape is story book quality. The food is fresh and authentic. The roller loop in Ruhpolding is one of the best in the world and we're never alone on it. There is some great roller skiing right from our hotel and obviously good hiking as well. We've only done one long bike ride so far. There was supposed to be more but then Rainpholding happened. On that one ride I was able to borrow a BMC road bike that was only a few components away from the model used in this year's Tour de France. So yeah!
      Today marks the half way point of survival camp. My legs might fall off  during any three hour  now so wish me luck. On Sunday we head over to Oberhof for some skiing in a giant above ground freezer. Won't that be fun? This may not be part of the 400 year old Bavarian culture, but it's tradition for the US team to compete with each other for internet bandwidth while in the region. So far we're all losing and Bavaria is winning. If this updates make it up, it'll be a good day.
See what I mean? The warmth will feel the same
come winter regardless of how you stack it. 


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