Thursday, July 25, 2013

Equipment Failure and a Half

     This updates has been in the works for a week now. By "in the works" I mean I started it a week ago and didn't have the open time to do and put it off till now. It's actually a completely different topic now. This one addresses the non stop limitations of training that keep surfacing. On a long enough time line duct tape will only bring you so far. Sooner or later you have to be a professional... or just lay down the plastic.
Another exciting ride on Bear Cub road!
     I ordered an aluminum butt plate for the rifle back in May. When I got it, it just hung out on the desk for two weeks before I finally allotted an afternoon to put it to use. After several hours in the OTC workshop and trips to the hardware store it was on my rifle.  It's not done, and I would like to finish it up later on today, but no promises.
     The auto has some brake issues. The worst is using the brake on the downhills. The car stops just fine. You can't argue with results but I'm going to have to get that one checked into when I get back home.
      My cell phone has been replaced. It wasn't holding a charge very well and I wanted a better plan. The new one is working better and should do just fine. Unfortunately Verizon wouldn't let me keep my old number so if you've had trouble calling me now you know why.
      We had a four plus hour ride on the schedule and I though I would preemptively dodge the shenanigan by bringing my bike in the day before and having it checked out instead of the other way around. Turns out fate had other plans. The rear tire was trued and I assumed I would be fine for a day. With about 40km to go a spoke on my rear wheel decided to off it's self. I couldn't fathom calling a coach to come pick up. And no, I didn't know where I was anyway. There was no problems with the remainder of the trip. I was somewhat expecting the tire to just pancake on me and lead to a greater disaster. But it didn't and everything worked out. 
        That was the most recent bike related mishaps. I bought a cross bike earlier this summer. This was going to perfect gem for training in the county. It really was to, for about ten km. After which the problems started to surface. Don't ask me what happened because I couldn't do anything about it. I dropped it for repair and had it back just in time for one more ride before heading back to Placid. In loyal fashion the exact same problem came back after ten km of riding. Imagine that.
      The team was granted a new pair of Marwee rollerskies. I didn't know Marwee made a slower pair than the six version. Turns out there is an eight. It's good training for -20 when the snow feels like styrofoam. Mounting them wasn't easy, but they... Actually work. I guess that one worked out?
       I twisted my ankle. This happens all the time but those are just minor roles that fade before the run is over. This was a slightly more severe case. I like to think it was a stick but I'm pretty sure I heard it snap. I hobbled around and in circles for a minute or two then made my way back to the car. Unless my ankle literally snaps off my leg I'm not going into sports med! I don't have four hours day for a month straight of no training to risk going into the dreaded sports med.
Happy birthday Lowell!
     On Monday I snagged something bad from who knows what. It was evident by evening that there was a battle for dominance going on in my stomach. It's still unknown where it came from. I really don't care I just want it out of the way. Today was fine for easy training. Hopefully all will be well for the max treadmill test on Saturday.
     These things are not uncommon. Admittedly they have been more frequent than normal. Normally I just try to duct tape my way to safety, but you can't eat duct tape. Well, I guess you could but it wouldn't help a stomach bug much. If you can afford it you can always but your way out. In that case you have to have a lot of money and you won't learn anything. I'm somewhere in between. It really eludes me that I haven't broken any poles this month. There should be some solid dumb luck coming my way that will keep the equipment running glitch free. That's how it works right?     

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