Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Structure

       The 2013 training season is back on track. Everyone has a training plan to look at if they so choose. The team is small this year. We've been gathered here at HQ in Lake Placid for about a week now. I can't complain, it's mid May and we're just now getting back into the swing of the non real world life that we live. Some things are little new this year while a lot are not so different.
       It still takes just as many steps to get to the cafeteria at the OTC. It's still popular to hate the free and always prepared warm meals that we're given. Our room is still the same size. It's still a race to fall asleep before Leif's snoring ramps up. Conversely, I'm the one who always wakes up an hour earlier in the morning to get the day going. Roller skiing hasn't gotten any more exciting. That one would be asking for a lot.
       There are a few changes worth mentioning. Training volume is on pace for a solid 100 hour reduction. That's a lot! The coaches and I all know that the training is there. Loading on more hours isn't going to make a significant difference. The base level is in a safe place. At this point my best course of action is to focus on the weak points. Hits and range times are the most limiting. Transitions, balance, and top end speed are also on the to fix list. The training load may be lower, but the top end effort zone will get some extra care. Warm ups and cool downs will decrease. The lack of volume will help the harder sessions be more productively hard. I'll also have more time on my hands for slowfire. It would be nice to break the 500 mark on the precision test before I die.
Summer Shenanigans 2013 is coming ! 
       Those are some of the performance based changes. In other news, I'm taking an online class. It's one class, so don't take this the wrong way. I'm simply picking away at a potential someday education and preventing brain atrophy at the same time. It may have taken a decade or so, but the roller loop in LP actually looks like a real roller loop now that the extension is done. That means less time skiing through an trafficked parking lot and calling it a roller loop. There isn't too much going for excitement these days. In past years we have been done with a full camp already by now. The extra time to ease into the routine was much appreciated. We leave on Wednesday for Bend, Oregon. That one was a real gem camp last year. We still have the Jericho, Euro, and Utah camp on the plan. The only other change I can think of is the absence of "mega desk" in our room. I sure did like mega desk.

Rest in peace Russell's old car. 

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