Monday, April 29, 2013

I do what I feel like

Took this one at night. Guess my camera thought it was daytime ? 
       I didn't give my spring break ideas much thought this season and when I did I couldn't think of anything cheap and clever. I took this as a sign that I would be just as happy bumming around in the cocoon of Stockholm as I would be somewhere tropical. It's not perfect, but it's an element that I know all to well and that's a vacation with it's self if you ask me. Did I mention that the crust skiing was amazing this year? Also, if you know that title reference then you're probably pretty awesome.
Yes, that's right I like to bake in my spare time.
       When I got home from Russia last year there was no crust skiing to be found. The only skiing at all was elusive if you didn't know where to look. This year, my flight into Bangor was canceled because of a snow storm. I actually had to wait a week or so for the snow to harden up before I could get out on the fields. It was even down right cold from time to time. There were times when I had to where a buff. The bike and even running was out of the question.
New field this year.
       But why would you want to run or bike when the best skiing planet Earth has to offer is outside your front door? When the temp goes well above freezing during the day and under at night  the surface hardens up enough to support a person. Basically you're looking for good maple syrup weather. Since it isn't really icy it's isn't unstable and hard to work with. It's fast and you can go anywhere. It may have been Easter on the 31st but in terms of  skiing in Stockholm it may as well have been Christmas. There were a few days in a row where I would average 40kms a day. This wasn't on any kind of training plan, or for the sake of fitness, this was just for the fun of it. Normally you set out early in the morning and ski just till the snow warms up and can't support you. This year, on the account of colder weather there were days when I could have just kept going all day. Thankfully I told the sister I would bake some bread with her in the afternoon. Otherwise I would have just made my way up to Van Buran and back.
On scale of 1 too 10 this one came out pathetic. But for the record I successfully baked wholewheat yeast bread. I even make chocolate doughnuts, and flat bread! 
       As good as the skiing was the lack of structure in my day might have been the best part. Sleep schedule was what inconsistent and training was based around the weather. If I wanted to visit old friends in Caribou or Presque Isle I could do so at my leisure. Instead of unpacking and folding everything into to it's designated place I could simply unload my gear when ever my arms got tired of carrying it. Planes for the day were stream of conscious decided. The lack of parameters and structure is what made the day so relaxing. You can't find this at training camps and it's pretty much the opposite during racing season.
"Oh you want to ski on a floating bog? Well right this way sir" 
      So there was no plan tickets purchased. But the thought of biathlon and the stress of racing hasn't crossed my mind since Russia. That's over a month of resetting  A month of living in my own element. That's what I needed and now I'm ready to get back into the rhythm of fighting the result list. I put the rifle back together yesterday. Currently in Lake Placid, a little earlier than planned. Looking forward to some new ideas this year. Just opened the year plan this morning. It's different.
Yeah I don't know.

Off day? I think so.

"The best planet Earth has to offer"!!

Till next spring. 

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