Sunday, February 24, 2013

In Random Fasion: Inzell style

~ I sincerely hate packing!

~ Nice day today. Didn't do a whole lot. Highlight was watching the US womens team take gold in the sprint relay at XC world champs!

~ Very mellow week. Aside from the structured meal times and living with the same people I've been with since new years it kind of felt like the April break.

~ I take that back. There is nothing sincere about hating packing.

~ We leave tomorrow morning for Olso. All looks well on that front.

~ Went for an hour plus run on Tuesday and demolished my legs. And to think, I thought I was still in good running shape.

~ Am trying to think of some clever spring vacation ideas. Any suggestions?

~ Bavaria doesn't mess around with there pretzels!

~ It actually feels like winter here.

~ Am too lazy to scrounge up all of the pictures from this week so these ones will have to do.

~ Shooting seems to be holding strong since the relay at WCHs. Really hoping that carries over to next week.

~ The only thing Lowell planned to do today was update his blog and he hasn't. So for a lazy mans update I don't feel that bad about this.

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