Monday, February 4, 2013

Antholz and Beyond!

Because having some of the best rollerskiing in the world wasn't enough, Toblach is also up in the ranks for training in the winter. 

Forgot the ol' memory card that day and had to use the cell phone. 

Blue sky ten fold.

Good morning!

If a blast furnace could represent high speed functional internet. This picture would be proportional to what we were dealing with. 

Making the trek up the pass.

Some training at 2000 meteres

Departure for training meant walking past breakfast and opening the door.

Shortly after taking this picture I witness someone make the morning dip in the water.

I don't mess around with my Frühstück!

Was it a coincidence duck was on the menu that evening.  

I left the some flowers for the cleaning lady. I hope they make up for the coco powder I spilled on the floor...

                                                 Platzwiese !

The skiing is good when 2hrs doesn't feel long enough.

"What!? They don't serve pizza!? This place sucks!"

Yeah Dude I Rock!

Sun light, water, and communication. The sources of life in there artificial forms.

What would this update be with out at least one negative.

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