Thursday, January 10, 2013

So Far So Bad

I'm not going to bother with an introduction or anything like that. This is border line stream of conscious writing. Most people don't think I can even read, so what have I got to lose. While our first two legs did a pretty bang up job I wasn't able to keep it going this time. I know what went wrong. I knew how to prevent it from happening and yet I did it anyways. How does that work? Skiing was slow to. These aren't my best conditions, but why can't they be? I worked on dealing with slushy conditions. Shouldn't I be better now? Nope. Ski speed was awful. I'd say I'm getting slower based off of today. I haven't really had a good ski day this season yet. Last week's relay was nice. Really nice. I felt that feeling of overjoyed pride and accomplishment. I had almost forgotten what that feels like. Today was just another set back day. Try as I may, I haven't been able to forget that one. I'm very much looking forward to Saturday's sprint. I hate having to wait around for the next opportunity.

 Even more so I wish I could just cash in on the efforts I've put into this sport and start shooting and skiing like the rest of the world does with as much or less effort. If you round off I'm already 30... That's not really helping my mood right now.

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