Tuesday, January 15, 2013


      Still trying to find that race form. Everything seems to be in place  That is, right up until the last moment when it matters the most. In case you haven't already guessed Ruhpolding was pretty demoralizing. No progress on ski speed and shooting is still in the hole that I dug in Oberhof. I'm relieved that this trimester isn't done yet. There is still plenty of time to fix this this mess.

       The conditions in the sprint were a ten fold improvement from the relay. I felt considerably better. Unfortunately "considerably better" wasn't enough. I was more than 90 seconds in ski time from the lead in a very tight race. This worries me, as there isn't a lot I can do fix this right now. On the other hand "isn't a lot" implies that there might a little chance. The conditions are even better for me here in Antholz and there is still a lot to be gained from some minor technique upgrades. A good course scan the day prior can go a long way to.
       Somehow, after making the same mistake over and over on the range I managed to make the same mistake yet again. The grouping of my five shots told me everything I needed to know. Three shots in one place and the other two in another. This three/two double group has been a reoccurring theme for years now. Focus on the trigger was solid, but the follow through was off and thus we have three shots in the same place... out of the eight ring. Standing was decent. One miss in a sub 30 second time. Not great, but better.
       I was pretty let down and a downright confused about these results. Why am I not skiing faster, and how can I blatantly see the solutions in shooting, but be rendered defenseless when the time comes. The best course of action for me right now is get back on the starting wand and give it another go. If biathlon is anything like gambling (which it is... very much so!) then I, a wild card, am bound to clean house one of these days. The more days there is the better the chances.  So here's to Antholze!

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