Monday, January 28, 2013

In Random Fasion

1) First of all, congratulations to Sean Doherty for a full blown win at the youth world champs. It's in central Europe, so you can't play the "uncompetitive field" card. The other teams were there and Sean won... So yeah!

2) Had a low week of sub 18 hours. Now the official pre world champs camp starts. It should total about 13 hours... Some of the team took a short vacation. Some of us, not so much.

3) Antholz has the highest rate of euro stare. I want to know what the german equivalent to "euro stare" is so I can shout it at the locals. Calling them Dorftrottels isn't effective enough. I've tried the "Take a picture; it last longer" one, but I don't think they understood my message.

4) I'll have some pictures up before we head out for Nove Mesto. Antholz is one of the more beautiful places Earth has to offer. A lot of athletes like to post nice pictures of this area around this time of year. I'm going to through modesty aside and say that I can get you better than nice photos.

5) When you eat at an Italian restaurant in the US you might hear soft classical music in the background. Here (in Italy) we get to listen to the radio at a higher than soft volume. The local radio  station only has five songs to cycle through. This doesn't help the 90 minute long dinner sessions.

6) The support is appreciated but please don't ask for an autograph. I wouldn't do the same to you if it were the other way around. I would rather have the autograph signify something positive. When you corner me in the lobby to awkwardly sign a flag with Erdinger breath that signature is just a symbol of a annoyance and inconnivance to me.

7) The weather has been perfect in Suntholz. The snow is hard packed and stable. It's supposed to be pretty warm this week. It's too the point where this might actually not be good training for Nove Mesto.

8) The flowers from the relay in Oberhof are still holding strong in my window.

9) Our neighbors at the SeeHause make there presence felt 24/7. An obnoxious dog that barks at the slightest proximity of anything, a baby that seems to hate the overly long dinner sessions more than I do and unbelievably loud snoring throughout the night.

10) The internet is being European. We average about three minutes of slow bandwidth before it cuts out for ten minutes. The router is just outside our room...

11) No one is sick. That's nice. A clear nose is always worth the appreciation.

12) The US team is not the only ones utilizing the Antholz pre world champs opportunity  It looks like some of the Estonians, Russians, Ukraine  Bulgarians  Italians, Canadians, and occasionally Ole are also training here.

13) That's all I can think of for now. Antholz is alright!

***russell out***

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