Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gloves Didn't Work

       Well that sucked. It was a bad race on all fronts. I'm not a fan of sugar coating the bad days and not don't have much respect for those who do. Some days are off. Some decades are just off. It's easy to spot the bad days, but the past ten plus years are questionable.
        I had positive thoughts all morning. I went out of my way to convince myself that it was going to be a good day. Ski speed was in a good place, and contrary to popular belief shooting was to. I so badly wanted to prove that. It's was a cold one today. The temp was only -8 Celsius, but with the humidity you could call it close to -20. I went with a thicker pair of gloves today. I'm very specific about how my gloves and pole grips feel when I racing. These one's were not optimal, but I wasn't going to take any chances.
       Despite all efforts, there was only minor feeling in my trigger finger. The first shot didn't even make it on the target box. I was doomed to the penalty loop before I was even aiming at the target. I took another miss. Standing had high hopes that didn't hold up. I missed another two targets. I could tell that range times were slow, even for me. That's not good. The coaches weren't giving much for positive feedback which kind of hinted that I wasn't even skiing well.
        Maybe I should have spent more than an hour dry firing every day when I was a junior? Maybe a 780 hours a year training plan isn't enough? I've done my homework and studied and still fail the exam. Should I take a page from today's winner and go on a tropical vacation in the middle of June? I guess I've never had the time (or money for that matter) to do that because I've always been too busy TRAINING! In terms of "things I've done wrong" I'm pretty sure "lack of effort" can be removed from the list. It's days (or decades rather) like these that scare me. They make me think that it all comes down to genetics and dumb luck. How can a country of 300+ million not have a medal in this sport while others with a fraction of our population dish out one generation after another of world champions? Positive thoughts and hard work have failed me and now I play the waiting game. Next chance is in Hochfilzen.

This is what happens when I post updates shortly after a race.

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