Monday, December 31, 2012

Here We Go Again.

        Round two of three is coming up this week. First trimester didn't go as planed, but I like to think it made for a good warm up.
same face / new lens
still need a hair cut
I guess it will just make any good results from here on look that much better. The trek home for Christmas was pretty smooth and worth it. There was some snow to work which was a nice plus. This year I left a little early to get a head start on preparation for Oberhof. A couple of our other guys and I are in Ruhpolding at the moment.
       It was snowing when I landed in Presque Isle and was snowing even harder when I left. I take full responsibility for bringing winter to the county. So... you're welcome. I did three hard sessions as I said I would. A couple of strength sessions and few good classic days on the Stockholm trails were in there to. Only one of the hard sessions had shooting in it. That was a convenient change. The first two were back to back days with a focus on tolerance. The last one was more of an effort to expand that top end speed zone. I did the strength sessions at what used to be the Stockholm school. First grade, second grade and some easy maintenance strength all in the same room. I guess times change. I do love classic skiing in Stockholm. I made sure to get in a nice four hour distance in before packing up.
        Unlike my teammates the flight back over was pretty uneventful. Ruhpholding has plenty of snow at the venue. It felt nice to put the rifle back together. It felt even better to see some great shooting. I finished today with a minor one miss in prone for the whole workout. Maybe that time away / confidence building paid off. We will get a confirmation on that later on this week. First race in Oberhof is a relay. The weather forecast doesn't look very appealing, but when has it ever in Fogerhof?
Honey comb taste better with actual honey.
        Christmas was nice. Had a lot of good food. Procured some nice gifts. I got some games, some almond butter, the sister got engaged, and a pair of socks! Also, happy new year! A couple of our wax techs are having a party. We were told to pick up some fire works. That shouldn't be too difficult. Stay tuned, because 2013 could be an interesting one.

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