Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roller Skiing in the Snow.

        I was looking forward to the annual Utah training camp this year. This was a late one. Those few weeks where it's almost cold enough to snow, but doesn't and rains instead. Yeah those ones, are not an issue in the wild west. That might be my most favorite part of this training camp,because we pretty much dodge those few weeks every year. There were some questionable mornings this time around, but for the most part I was right to look forward to this three week camp. Nothing to crazy occurred in that past three weeks. For the most part everything is on good pace.
Dry much? 
        First week was a solid 24 hours. By the time we hit the first Saturday I think we were a little nervous. The altitude wasn't helping and we weren't even half way through. Strangely enough I didn't feel any worse as the following week continued. The legs felt surprisingly fresh for the three hour ride on the second Saturday and for the first time in three week training camp history I can say I felt the best on the third week. Acclimatization can go a long way even after a large training load. Low and behold scrapping away at a cast iron pan for scrambled eggs every morning was starting to pay off. I usually don't hold iron well, so maybe this is a good sign.
Up through the pass to Park City.
        We had a couple of time trials. Two sprint formats to use for December team naming. I'm prequalified this year, so I ended up training right through them. Either way time trials are always a great way to gauge your current level. Both races pretty much confirmed what I already knew. Standing was solid, ski speed is doing fine and prone was a little shaky. Similar to last year the coaches and I sat down, looked through some video and gave it some thought. Unlike last year we didn't make any major changes to the prone process. Only a few minor tweaks. Thus far they have helped. The last week had the best shooting to.
       The camp ran on into November. There was almost a cancel for the second race because the snow wasn't melting off the pavement enough to roller ski. In other words the trail wasn't groomed. By the time I left the starting arm it was almost warm enough to wear a t-shirt. Gotta love training in a desert.
         It took me three days to get home. First to Albany, a day in LP, and then the ten plus hour drive to the county. I had to go through the states because my shiny new passport was mailed to my Stockholm address. I came into the camp with the motivation to work on a few issues and sure enough the coaches and I are feeling pretty good about the post camp level.

Cold mornings were plentiful. 

And now to go look for a deer.

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