Thursday, November 15, 2012

Going Right

      Less than two weeks ago I was roller skiing through wide open terrain on over sized roads or sealed pavement. After enough travel I was back in the east. First in LP then back home in Stockholm. Yesterday I was in the original Stockholm for a brief time before our final connection to where I am now which is Ostersund. Here is the run down of life since the last update. I may not have a lot of time on my hands these days, but I sure do have a lot of ticket stubs and receipts.
       We left the house in Midway around nine Sunday morning. It was about 1:30 in the morning when we rolled into the OTC. I was pretty certain I was going to go for and make the trek early Monday for Maine. One thing led to another and before I knew it it was two in the afternoon. The plan was push forward 24 hours. And that's how spend three days getting home.
       I only had a narrow window of time to catch up with everyone, tackle some hunting, and start in on a race season semi peak. I did get to spend some time with the family. We had a pirate themed early Thanksgiving for my sister's birthday... Just don't ask. It was a fun time had by all. Try as I may hunting was not as successful. Due to photographic evidence (which I forgot to copy to my HDD) I can not deny that there was no deer in the specified kill zone. There was just simply no deer there when I was in the stand. One of these year the stars are going to line up and I'll claim my own venison! just not this year.

        It was a somewhat mellow week of training. There was only two key workouts. The workouts that require careful planing to accommodate weather and travel. The first one was supposed to be a rollerski session. Due to too much snow to rollerski, but not enough to ski on it ended up being a long running interval session. Half an hour of running threshold around the stadium in Fort Kent doing 1st shot drills followed by 6x4 minutes of race pace. My legs held up better than I thought they would and good thing to because I was intent on doing the Mars Hill climb the following day.
Still waiting. 
       I've been running up that mess of suffer since I was 14. It's changed slightly since then and I've brought the time down some but, the desperate burning feeling in my lungs remains pretty consistent. This time was actually a little different from the rest. Snow was not meant to be run in. Even more so when you're going up hill. The coaches estimated at least a minute could be subtracted to get a better idea of your time. I wasn't too concerned with setting a PR (with a minute off I would have though), but more so just getting in a top end level effort before heading further right.
       Traveling to Ostersund, Sweden ended up being pretty smooth. All of our gear made it over on time and unscathed. So far so good. The last time I was here it was brutally cold and snow was plentiful. That's one good thing and one bad thing. This time it's mild and there's only snow where there has to be snow. Again, that's one good thing and one bad thing, but slightly different from past experience.
Training options are minimized when mother nature is in limbo... And yes after taking this picture I proceeded to act like a seven year old and stamp my feet on the ice crystals for the fun of it.       
No racing updates till the end of the month. It's hard to believe we're this close to another season already.

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