Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall 2012

       This is a little strange. Summer never seems to last as long as you would like it to and yet, for me summer has lasted much longer than fall did. Camp life out west will do that to you. After the Euro camp we had about a month home. Now we're in Utah. It's a little cold in the morning and could snow. By early afternoon it's almost 70 and and feels like June all over again. In the end I don't consider the Utah camp to be the fall season that I've come to know in the north east. So as you can see the past month has been my Autumn. 
Long story short: Ski speed is good. Standing is good. Prone not so much. If I can just get a better grasp on that eight ring then everything will coming up my way. 

Morning fog at 10th Mt.

From point A to point B in the county means a full tank of gas almost every ten days :(

Does this make anyone else crave oatmeal?

Try as I may, the mt bike is still in need of repair. Did manage to log a few good hours on the woods roads. 

 One of the reasons I like to be home this time of year is the hunting season bonus. There was no such luck for the geese, or any bird for that matter. There was some substantial deer sign to be optimistic for. I don't have much time in November, but it only takes one good morning.
So long early evening daylight. You will be missed.

This one tree really sticks out among the rest that were planted almost 30 years ago.

A brief amount of time was in LP. Like everyone else I was shocked to see ORDA actually extending the roller loop.  It only took about a decade.

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