Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Twenty Twelve.

        Though not officially fall yet, it was cold enough to warrant a long sleeve training shirt and even a vest for brief moments this morning. As far as I'm concerned summer is over for the year. We have about ten or less days before the leaves hit full swing and go rouge with color. It was a good summer for the most part. Full of shenanigans, as always, and plenty of training. Officially summer doesn't start till June, but for a biathlete it might as well start early May. When the training ramps up the spring season feels at loss. So anyways here are some pictures to summaries summer 2012.
May shooting camp. Running combos at Mt. Van Hoe. Otherwise know as "Tim's favorite workout!"
No amount of training camp shall interfere with Cinque De Mayo.

Ironically, part of summer training brought us four feet of near perfect snow.

On our way to train on snow. This is how summer training should be more often.

Bend, OR is alright.

After the Bend camp it was back to Placid for some occasionally fine roller skiing.

And some always stellar hiking.

Training make tired sleep must...
Iron Man Sunday: "I think I look forward to this more than Christmas" -Lowell Bailey

Naturally I need my time back in the cocoon of Stockholm, ME.

Does anyone else like to mess around with negatives?

The only way way to prove this was taken in the summer is due to the sunlight. With out that element there is no reason not to see grilling like this in February. Just close the barn doors; problem solved. 

It was a grand year for Blueberries. Apples... not so much.
And then we were in Bavaria...
Frozen ski tube twenty twelve.
Roller loop Ruhpolding you're alright.
Months later I find myself doing pretty much the same thing as I was in May. And that's nothing to complain about! :)
I was going to put a picture from a few hours prior to this. I think we can all agree that bon fires are best when on fire. But the post party ash seemed like a good way to end this update. And yes. Those are bed springs.

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