Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Week Dash

From the top of Rossenfeldt.

The post training swim was an easy task. 
        Last week was no easy task. In retro spec is one of the hardest seven days of the year. Partly due to the debatable hardest work out of the year taking place last Wednesday. I made some good progress on some fronts. Confirmed suspicions on others and still manged to soak up some genuine Bavarian shenanigans.

This cow was not having my cool down.
        The Rossfeldt is a road that winds up a mountain, not too far from Salzburg, Austria. When the coaches stumbled on this gem a few years ago they naturally couldn't resist forcing the poor submissive athletes up this relentless climb. When I say relentless I'm not exaggerating. There is no downhill in this effort. If you can make it to the top in under an hour your're having a good day. I had done this time trial once back in the summer of 2010.  With two years of training behind me, less weight, and better technique I had no excuses not to show improvement. I find these races to be the most agonizing while ironically they are my strong point. I proved this with a solid five or so minute improvement over my 2010 time. Only nine seconds down from the record with debatable slower roller skis.
       The whole team was in a fog after that effort and we had to cut back on some the planned training the following days. I was glad to stop my watch for the last time on Saturday afternoon. It was the first Saturday of the month. In Bavaria that's a call for celebration. Not sure why, but I sure didn't plan on not partaking in tradition. I wasn't really into the cow tongue but the rest of the Bavarian cuisine was something to appreciate. We were looking at a lot of pickled vegetables, varies meats, especially pork, prepared in a variety of different ways, and a glorious array of cheeses to choose from. The scenery was naturally filled with lederhosen and accordion music. Splice in Lowell's guitar, some skilled spoon work, and maybe even a trash bag to complete the band and you would have our Saturday night in a nut shell.
        Shooting is getting better. It's a seemly never ending fight for me. But who am to complain, no one averages 100% for the season. We changed up the breathing mechanics and slimmed down the focus. It may be off the mark, but all it has to do is come together when it matters.
       To bring our survival week to a close we had the five plus hour drive up north to east Germany. Oberhof to be more precise. The only place in the world that can generate more screaming fans at a world cup than Ruhpholding. The details lead to more of "Week Three" update. But I should mention that after last week (week two) this week really earns the title the "One Week Dash" I'm still appreciative to be here, but don't get me wrong, I speak for the whole team when I say that trip home on Monday is going to feel nice. As always I'll keep you posted on how the Oberhof segment pans out.

P.s. When I say the "is going to feel nice" I referring to a more indirect sense. You can fly first class but it's still a six hour siting session.

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