Sunday, August 5, 2012

Report Card

Mt. Marcy was a little foggy on Tuesday. 
          I tossed around a few ideas of what to wright about today. I decided to go with the most unoriginal update a US biathlete I could do. Life has been just fine lately. Perhaps a little boring, but I would say it's been on the better side of boring. Thus far my car is still in tact. So if nothing else, I have that going for me. Without further adieu, here is a brief summary of the doldrums of summer.
           The camp in Jericho was solid. I had been struggling with prone some prior. We added an extra breath in between each shot and that made a positive difference with out adding too much range time. Unfortunately, the prone range time wasn't very fast even with out the two breath cadence. So, you can see I still have a ways to go on that goal. Spending any more than 32 to 35 seconds on the shooting mat is too much these days. This was a real clutch last season and I made it clear that I wanted to raise the bar a little. Thus far I'm behind schedule. Fortunately, there are few things I can do to catch up. Mostly in the coordination of set up and few minor details on the rifle. Nevertheless, the camp in Jericho was fine.
"hey we can burn this right?"
           Last week, as you can see, soaked up a lot of my time. I'm delighted to say I handled it very well. Volume training has always been a strong point and last week didn't prove otherwise by any means. Energy levels were perfect through the three hour rollerski on Wednesday. The legs were pretty heavy by Thursday, but the heart rate response was still in check. Friday was the killer one. I did 90 minutes of double pole rollerskiing and then proceeded to change into my biking kit and hit up what I thought might be a four hour loop... It was less, and I had to doodle around on random roads near the OTC to finish out the day. It was hot and humid and I was feeling the week's volume. I was glad, that I felt as good as I had up to that point in the week, but afterwords I honestly had no idea how I was going to make it through another four and a half hours on Saturday.
         Well, long story short, I did. It was hot, but all we had to do was ski around on a short roller loop / parking lot (almost got hit by a car btw) and shoot standing. Between the heat and general end of the week fatigue the team as a whole had trouble keeping the focus up for quality shooting. I mustered up some decent shooting on the day for an 83% average. The skiing felt decent and I killed off two and half hours. With only two hours left in the week I was running out of ideas for training modes. Forget rollerskiing. The pole tips were too dull anyways. The legs didn't want to run and I don't have a kayak on hand. The biking kit went back on and I was out on the road bike yet again. I lived to blog about it. In fact I didn't feel half bad. It was hot out, can't say training in an oven is optimal, but it can be done.
          The LP Ironman was entertaining. The bike loop goes by Tim's lawn so we had a good vantage point. Should also mention that the team of Tim and Russell were undefeated in the corn hole world championships of LP.... In case you were wondering. It's been nice to have the Olympics on the screen instead of ESPN's battery of America only sports. We put together a solid bon fire last night at Lowell's place. At one point we were running low on burning substance. So in a commanding fashion we threw a chair on. In retro spec, despite all the training the fun factor has been holding it's own.
The sanctuary.
            We got our blood test results back. WBC is strangely low as usual. I'm not sick, so it all works out.  RBC is only 13.2! Hematocrit level was low too. Similar to my WBC, they are also just naturally low. All iron levels were in good shape. The only number that concerned me was the vitamin D value. It wasn't detrimentally low, but worth looking into. How I'm not getting enough sunlight is beyond me.
             Next week isn't a rest week by any means, but it's tamed down from last week. There are roller ski races are in Jericho next weekend. Time trials are always the best test of progress. After that I'm homeward bound. Wish I could say I'll be home for longer, but the Euro camp starts on the 14th. Not too many reasons to complain right now. Come to think of it, I'll be driving home in a week's time from now.

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