Monday, July 2, 2012

A Day in the Life of Russell Currier

        Today was not the most exciting day ever. Far from it to be honest. Today does however stand to make a good example of what an average day looks like. Life back in the 896 region is much more inconsistent than a day at the OTC,  but a day at the OTC is about as repetitive as it gets. To be fair I should probably leave my finger on the "publish" button on the browser and press it as I'm falling asleep. Either that or I just guess what the rest of my evening entails and try to mimic my predictions as best as I can. Nevertheless here is a general rundown of my 2-7-2012.
- 5AM Wake up to sun in my eyes. I like waking up early and if the first thing I see is pleasant weather then it's all the better

-6:30 Actually get out of bed when I realize it's no longer all that early anymore
-6:35 Throw on the first pair of PJs that I see and an old shirt I've had since I was 12.

- 6:40 Walk outside to where the rhubarb grows and snag a few stocks for breakfast

-6:45 Embark on the making of breakfast. A couple of local scrambled eggs with spinach and feta. Some mint flavored oatmeal that fails miserably. One of the days I'm gonna perfect it. Lots and lots of fruit and honey to counter the bitter taste of rhubarb.

-7:45 Carefully enjoy the best meal of the day with a couple glasses of tea and what ever cheap coffee the mother has left.

-8:30 Run through a battery of sites I'm addicted to such as email, this blog, FB, weather, maybe the youtubery.

-9:00 Decide that it's time to start doing the productive things on my to do list. This consist of wondering around the house, not really being sure what it is I should be doing.

-9:30 The road bike is fixed and ready to make the trek or so I hope.

-10:00 Finally dressed like an actual athlete. Run though a mental check list to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Leave the dog out in hopes that he'll find a new home and I'm off. Gliding down the hill making sure the faded break pads still hold any merit to their name

-10:05 See Bob Sprague by his mail box and have chat about what we've been up to. Apparently I'm not the only one on Donworth St. that is capable of international travel.

-10:30 The watch has been started, do the loose math in my head a realize it's going to be a long day.

- 2:00PM From Stockholm to Vanburan to Maine st, Madawaska and I get a flat. I know there's a reason why brought the spare tube. I just wish there was reason enough to make learn how to properly change a bike tire.

- 2:20 No success. Not really sure what to make of the situation at  this point. A voice to my right asked if I needed any help. The answer was obvious, he was just being nice.

- 2:45 Leave auto repair shop with a freshly inflated tire and I'm back on my journey. Mega THANKS to the generous help from the mechanic who made the effort to help the idiot on the side of the road!!!

- 4:30 The 145km (90mile) ride is done and over. Good weather and plenty of energy in the legs made the work out a success. I just need to get a new spare tube now.

- 4:45 Snack time. Mostly fruit and moose jerky and some gummy bears.

- 5:00 Check email again.

- 5:15 Sand my rifle stock down a little more before putting it back together

- 5:30 Wonder around the house looking for my gloves.

- 5:50 Find them. Dry fire for 15 minutes. Focus on prone.

- 6:10 Make Dinner: Chicken, tea, salad, and a bunch of avocado

- 6:30 Eat Dinner

- 7:00 more email checking! Embark on this update.

- 8:15 Get tired and decided to take a break.

- 9:00 Done with other boring task: Work on German, sharpen pole tips, do some balance drills, plan out tomorrow schedule and so forth. Get back to this post. Mostly just spell check if you can believe it.

- 9:30 Finish this update

- 9:35 Play video games

- 10:45 commence sleeping.

         The original plan was to just slap on the video from last weekends party. Unfortunately the file is corrupted and I have to redo about half of it again. It's free software so I guess you get what you pay for. "update site" is written on my to do list and as a rule I have to do what every I put on that list before the day is up. This is a good policy to have with your self, but I recommend treading carefully with what you right down for yourself. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have that video repaired and up and running; no promises though.

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