Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Places and new Ideas

      It doesn't take very many over distance sessions to figure out precisely how many minutes each road surrounding the OTC will soak up from a 2.5 hour rollerski. I have the same rough idea for the roads back in Fort Kent, Fort Fairfield, and Stockholm. So you can imagine the mental treat a foreign place such as Bend, Oregon is. Did I mention the training is perfect in almost every way? In other news I decide to ditch dairy and the beloved peanut for a month. Wish me luck.
Perfect much?
       I've only heard good things about Oregon and having never been here before my expectations were a little high. Turns out they should have been higher. We are skiing on a base of four feet. By the time ten o'clock roles around it's at least 60 and yet the snow holds up exceptionally well.  There are plenty of kilometers available and we're certainly not the only team capitalizing on this gold mind. The afternoons are just as convenient. There are single track trails everywhere. The weather is sunny and dry. The climate is pretty much what I always wanted Utah to be. The trees are plentiful and enormousness. That's something Utah can not claim.
Because every tree should be able to however it wants.
        Today we did two hours of skating with some one on one technique work followed by 90 minutes of classic. In the afternoon we did an 1:20 run. Tomorrow we have a three hour skate and some two plus hours of mountain biking in the afternoon. Yeah it's a volume block and there is no better place than do it.
        As much as I think nutrition is overrated and can't hold a candle to quality training it dose have it's place in top end performance. Since it's May I thought this would be the best time to push for an experiment. After much googling I decided to commit to a month of dairy and peanut free eating. To go into more boring detail humans only ate a limited variety of foods during our evolution. The addition of agriculture hit only recently  in comparison. All of the glorious gifts that the cow has given us was actually intended for nursing a calf up to health. How we stumbled on to it is beyond me. Naturally the food industry had to take it a step further and pack it all with hormones, pesticides, and what not. Peanuts are actually a legume and are not necessarily bad for you at all, but let's remember that this is just an experiment. I'm enraged by brands like Jiffy and Skippy that use death oil. Mom's that choose Jiff ... are giving there kids cancer, fyi. Hydrogenated or not PB is delicious and a big component to my diet so I thought I would give it a month with out.
       So by the logic I'm finding, grains, in all their forms, are "supposedly" foreign to the human digestive system, similar to dairy products. Hunters and gatherers were limited to meat, fruits, and vegetables. Living with out bread is out of the question for so many different reasons. So forget that front. I can live with out cow juice (milk) and can dodge the hidden dairy ingredients found in a lot foods, but then comes cheese. Life with out cheese simply sucks. That pretty much sums up how I feel about that. PB can expensively be replaced with almond butter. After three days there is no conclusion to draw from the change. The way I see it, if I'm actually on to something, then great! There's an extra second or two off the ski time. If I'm not and it's a waist of time then oh well it's back to cheaper food and feta cheese.

        So that's that. Life is adequate at the moment. Bend is an alright place and the training season is off to a good start. When I was in Kontiolahti last February days like today crossed my mind as I was trying to mash that last round into the clip with a frozen block that used to be my hand. Now I'm in a t-shirt waiting for the grilled chicken to be ready with the clear blue sky over my head. Reminiscing about the mild frost bite now is a lot easier than dealing with the real thing like I did the last time I was in Finland. On the other hand, in Finland's defense they did have some pretty good cheese.

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