Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Fatigue My Old Friend

        Camp number two is done and over. Where the first one catered to the shooting side, this one favored skiing. That weighted lead feeling is still in my legs and there were some good survival moments towards the end of the ten days. It's not racing or spring season anymore so I can't say I didn't miss the goal. Now we're back in Placid with the reality of not having a meter plus of snow for the end of May.
        Admittedly the weather did take a gradual downhill turn towards the end of the of our stay. It was pretty windy in the open sections, making it too cold to wear shorts. It snowed a lot and the grooming wasn't always spot on. When it snowed up top it meant running on nice single track trail in the rain down in Bend. Clearly life was rough.
This is the face of
the guy who made
the A1 team.
        I may not be in a position to complain about the training opportunities, but that dons't mean I didn't get tired. The last work out was a death march in a blizzard. We had a late start and were alone on the trails. Occasionally I would see one of the other guys when they were within the visible ten meters distance of me. I asked Tim how he was doing. The reply I got was designed to make me feel alienated about being the slightest bit tired. Afterword Tim lightly mentioned that he bonked twice. Lowell had a similar story. What I want to know is, how is it that these guys are my primary friends right now?
       The flight home was somewhat uneventful. A no extra baggage fee trip is rare gem. Our flight out of San Francisco didn't leave until 10:30 at night. This ended up being a blessing in disguise because I was able to crash out for the duration of an otherwise boring blood clot (modern fixed wing flight) session. We were all granted a few days off before the next training cycle starts up again. The legs should be ready to fire come tomorrow morning.
        Bend provided almost every kind of snow condition there was. After World Champs in Ruhpolding last year it was clear that I needed to be better equipped for slushy conditions. Per and I did some technique work and pretty much solved the problem in one workout. I also got an intro to some strength training ideas, a new secret USBA interval workout, and I finally have a clear idea of what the next few months are going to look like. The balance of home time to LP time looks just right.

       There were times when Bend literary felt like we went back in time to mid winter (maybe better because there was snow) and the rest of the time just felt like genuine western US training. Now that I'm back in the east it feels like the classic summer I remember. Humid, neon green and maybe throw in a bonfire and you're there. Other than that nothing is too overly new.

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