Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ruhpolding: Over

      Alright so this year's World Champs was a dud. I had one start and didn't exactly light it up. I didn't get a start in the individual or relay and with out a an individual opportunity I can't squeeze my way into tomorrow's mass start. This is how it goes sometimes. I've seen worse happen to others. WCHs might be over but the season is not. I did intervals this morning for a reason for a good reason.
Afternoon run much?
      It has only rained once so far here in Rainpolding. This is a wonderful surprise. Ironically I wanted it to rain at least once so as that I don't lose a certain bet. It's been warm enough to make me feel like I should be spring skiing. The thought of spring skiing in all it's glory is to distracting right now. When I'm on the trip back from Craftsbury, VT I'll concern myself with the details spring skiing. This morning was different. I had to create the racing feeling of Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. I did six by six minutes of skating threshold. Tomorrow I will do some easy distance. Shooting was very good today. I had one bad stage with three misses. The rest were clean stages. In that past few days I have not had one miss in standing. I wish I could say the same thing about my shooting in the sprint race, but thankfully I still have a chance at redemption.

       That's what Russia is for. Though I have never been to Russia, I have heard an adequate amount of stories. Some good, a lot not so much. What I have heard is that the course is suited to my liking and the conditions will be normal. That's more than Ruhpolding can say for it's self. There are three races. A sprint, pursuit, and a mass start. I have the capability to compete in all of them and that is the goal. After that it is an epic trip home and then the focus lies on a potential XC race to finish off the season- no official confirmation on that last one yet.
       World champs may have been a flake, but I'm here and I'm on the team. This has been by best season yet and for the sake of team funding I don't technically have to prove anything more. However, until I'm winning the overall world cup there will always be room for improvement. I've been in Europe for a long time now and if I'm going to be here a little longer I might as well make the most of it. The first step to a successful finish is to make it to Khanty in one piece- seriously a safe plane ride over is an accomplishment in it's self.

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