Monday, March 26, 2012

The Current Situation

       Sure does feel nice to be home. What doesn't feel nice is the lack of snow. It's not even April yet and I'm already clinging to the edges of the fields for what's left of spring skiing. When I was driving home at three in the morning last Tuesday I actually had to turn the AC on. That's never a good sign. As much as I want to go into full on spring hibernation (that doesn't sound right)  I still have one more race to go. And that's not all. The past few days have been relentless on the shenanigans scale.
        Alright so when I was in Khanty the Kamchatsky (don't bother trying to pronounce that) trip was mentioned to me. I had no idea what this was and needed some more details before making the effort. The deal is you go to Kamchatsky, Russia. It's in the far east of Russia and looks like a pretty cool place. Look it up on google maps if you don't believe me. Apparently there is just enough snow to hose a couple of races. It's been going on every April for a while now. Simon Fourcade has won the prize Lexus for the past couple of years. Anyways the organizers are paying to have athletes compete. So at the very least if I can make this trip happen I'll churn a profit. Making this trip happen is not as easy as most of my trips are. Most of my trips are not that easy at all in there own respect by the way. I need to get a Visa and buy my own ticket to Munich. Both are foreign projects for me. Seriously, I've never bought a plane ticket. The ticket will be reimbursed when I get there, but I need a Visa to get there and I'm not sure if my Visa is on good pace or not. I think I'm waiting for the application, but not really sure what I should be doing right now...? That's one project.
This picture was not taken anytime recent. 
       I'm making an attempt at some spring cleaning. I do this every year and throw out a little bit of the junk. By the end of the I've accumulated more junk than I've discarded... So the problem only gets worse. This is a pending issue that I'm going to ignore as long as I can. The point is it's very time consuming. I unloaded the better part of the day on the project yesterday and made little to no head way.
       Then there's the 50km down in Craftsbury, VT next weekend. Prep has been difficult for obvious reasons.  I did some threshold training down the road on the Snowy Mt trails this morning. The conditions were rutty and hard to work with. This was a good chance to learn how to work with the less desired snow conditions. Ideally you should have good ski technique no matter what the conditions. Bjorndalen is probably the best example of this. From the sounds of it the trails in Craftsbury are not going to be S class corduroy. I'm impressed that the race is still on at all.
          In other news buying a new computer is harder that I thought, my PlayStation died, the possession I was looking forward to more than any other for three months, and I dive into taxes. Last year I'm pretty sure I paid more in taxes than I made in income. Not sure how that works, but this year I think I'll take the charge on this one. 

          So things have been interesting and they are going get more interesting in the weeks to come. I'm still stoked to be home. The internet is fast and plentiful, maple syrup is awesome, and the TV shows are in English, but the're still crap. Wish me luck!
Crust skiing is the best way to ski of all. Sadly we're denied of it this year.

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