Thursday, February 9, 2012


          Limited sunlight, cold temperatures, and repetitive trees, could we be any more in Finland? Kontilahti got the bid for a world cup and world juniors this this year. Here's a quick run down of my impressions of the host for the 2015 World Championships. I haven't been here in a long time but the nostalgia is undeniable. I just can't remember it being this cold out.
Since when did seven years go by?
          The last time I was here was for world juniors back in 05. I still think it's creepy that the year two thousand and five is considered a long time ago... Anyways, The scenery hasn't changed much. The trees still look like they were strategically planted. There is lots of snow and I don't see how there couldn't be. Every sign has a loopy word on that would make you giggle if you heard a Finn pronounce it. Suomi means Finland by the way. The side walks are still maintained better than the roads are and the locals seem to keep to them selves.
          The current theme is temperature. We're pushing the point where Kelvins might be a more efficient way to measure the outdoor temp. I've been throwing on layers of clothing I didn't think I would have to use this season. If you're getting strange looks from other athletes while training it probably means that there are white spots on your face. I know this from experience from this morning. My cheeks are still sore. We were supposed to have the sprint race tomorrow. Since it was looking to be cold they decided to have the mixed relay instead. Now it's looking to be so cold that the word “cancellation” has been tossed around. We'll see how this one pans out.
Maybe some forest just grow in grids? 
          For the most part I'm still very content to be here. When ever I go for an afternoon run people are always out walking or riding a bike. That last part was not a type-o mind you. And unlike Antholz or most of central Europe people here won't completely stop what they are doing and stare blankly at you as you run by. This may sound absurd to you but trust me the euro stare is a common phenomenon. Thankfully not so much around here. The food is good, at least in my opinion. Breakfast is the best yet. I've been purposefully eating a light dinner so that I can fully enjoy the glory trip that is my morning meal. Internet is almost out of the question... No surprises there. The showers are warm and modern. That's more than other places can say.
          So far so cold, but still good. I can't believe they decided to host a WC during the coldest time of the year. I sure hope world champs in 2015 is held in March. Then again, it'll probably warmer this time of year by then anyway. I'm on the last leg of the mixed relay tomorrow assuming they still have the race in the first place. Saturday is a sprint and Sunday is the following pursuit. For those of you interested in watching it back home you should know Finland is seven hours ahead of Eastern standard time, not six anymore.  

If you were needing further verification of my presence in Finland here it is.  

No mixed relay for me. Can't say I'm enjoying this right now. Should I take back all the nice things I said about the food? And to think I was having a good feeling about this weekends racing. 

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