Thursday, January 5, 2012

And then came Forni Avorltri

       My apologies for the lack of update. One might think that with out a job or an education to tend to that I might have the time to update more frequently. That's not the case however. The holidays were busy as expected and did not permit enough time to do such. Travel was time consuming but is finally over. Then came Forni Avorltri, Italy. The one of many places in northern Italy that has no concept of internet. It's 2012 mind you! A lot has happened in a very short time. Here are a few details
       I despise over weight and extra baggage fees. If I weigh 145lbs and pay 120$ extra, shouldn't the  passengers who weigh 200+ lbs pay a little extra to be fair? The trip up from Portland was nice for a change because I spent it with an old friend from high school. We had to divide the drive up due of poor road conditions.
      Christmas was nice. I made bank on gifts and nailed it in the giving department despite having a minimal income. Nothing says merry Christmas like a poster of Johnny Cash giving you the finger. The skiing was great for a day or so before the rain settled in. Especially in contrast to the rest of New England. I did a tour of the Stockholm skis trails. After all these years I cease to find boredom with them.
      The week after was spent bouncing around the county. Try as I may there is no avoiding at least a couple of  trips to either Fort Kent or Presque Isle per week. There was business to attend to in PI and just enough snow in FK. Training went well for the brief period that I was home. There wasn't much time, but enough to confirm that everything is still on good pace.
      Travel was pretty much uneventful. I didn't sleep much on the plane, but worrying about those things only makes it worse. Sitting in the back seat on a narrow switch back road that snakes through the mountains of northern Italy can cause severe lack of appetite. I just dealt with it. I like to think that it helped my roller coaster tolerance. That aught to be useful some day right?
      And then came Forni Avorltri. If I'm not mistaken this might be the only biathlon venue in Italy that I have not competed in. So far so good. The snow has been in good shape the past couple of days. There is a lot of gradual hills to work with. It's not too windy and we're staying right at the venue. I've slept at the 10th Mt lodge in Fort Kent and even the NHC in Presqui Isle once or twice, so this will be the third biathlon facility that I've clammed a bed in. On that note it appears that the family that runs the whole place actually lives here year round. I can't ask to confirm this because no one in this neck of the mountains speaks English or German. Although our fearless coach Armin happens to be tri-lingual.
       Today was our time trial. With the IBU cup races this weekend that will give the US IBU cup team three races to decide the extra WC spot. It went well today. Ski speed felt solid and I can't wait to see where it racks up against the Euros on Saturday. Shooting was good enough but missing your last target in standing sure does suck, for lack of a better term.
       I'm sitting in the designated IBU office room right now. It's the only dimly lit hope of internet with in 100km of here. I want to take a nap, but after waking up a three AM the other day and failing to fall back asleep there's just no room for chances with jet lag. I will make an effort to take some more  pictures. This is a place worth of a picture or two.  Stay tuned. Saturday is an individual.    

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