Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Update

       Alright here's a timeline run though of what been going on in the past few days.

Sunday Morning
Wake up feeling better than I thought I might have. Sinuses are clear, sore throat slightly remains.   Make the decision to race the NorAm at threshold. Mostly because there are no refunds and didn't want 60$ to go in vein.

Later Sunday Morning:
It's cold out, forecast said it was supposed to be warmer, it was not. Conditions are nice, ski feel fast, and zero goes well.

NorAm Pursuit
Didn't race the sprint so had to start in the back. First loop is a hectic mess of passing. Clean 1st stage, miss one in 2nd. Feeling pretty good about self until 1st standing stage. Dirty! Five misses! Bring it together for last stage with only one miss. Three good stages on the day is okay, just need to make it to four.

Post NorAm
Wait around in warm tent for awards. Consume orange juice and cliff bars. Leave on the back of a truck. Look forward to shower

Angry that we're leaving earlier than we have to. Carefully place clothes and equipment into ski bag. Heavy items go into carry on. Bulky cloths surround skis for protection. Search house for anything and everything that might have been forgotten.

Sunday Evening
Nice ride up Bozeman. Have dinner at pizza place. Get into hotel room for the night. Loose at rock paper scissors. Have to share a bed with Raleigh.

Monday Morning
Wake up at five. Shove tooth brush into ski bag. Load bags and rifle cases into airport shuttle van. Cram down continental breakfast in five minutes. Shuffle everyone's bag up to the ticket counter. Pray that I don't get slammed with over weight fees. Pack carry on to the brim with even more items to bring ski bag under 50lbs.

Pretty mellow. Flight to SLC was short. Had a row to myself on flight to Minneapolis. All luggage makes it over in one piece. Since the rest of the group doesn't get in till six pm we decide to venture into the Mall of America

Because ever mall needs it's own roller coaster.
Glace at map and decide to just wander aimlessly instead. Have some pizza and salad on second floor. Kill off some Christmas shopping.

Trip to Grand Rapids
Pick up the rest of the group and make our way to GR. Trip takes longer than expected. Have to ration off water.

Delighted to find out I have a room to myself for a few days. Sleep ensues.

Tuesday morning
Wake up wired and ready to go at 5:30. Not sure why. Breakfast and then wait for rest of team to wake up.

Later Tuseday morning
Training at Mt Itasca. Not a lot of snow, but don't care because it's warm. Legs feel great! Shooting not so much. Contemplate how I'm going to prep three pairs of skis.

Tuseday After noon.
Find a back road to run on that's not overly trafficked.

Tuesday Evening
Head out for dinner. Ends of requiring 90 minutes. 90 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

Wednesday Morning
Intervals. 6x3mins. Legs are tired. Conditions are fast, but still a little soft. Decent shooting. Still no work on new race skis.

Fail afternoon nap project. Watch some internet and go for a run

Salmon with wild rice.

This will not be the first time racing at Mt Itasca.
Currently forcing myself to finish this article while watching the discover channel... Suspect clothing  is done in the dryer. That about sums it up for now. Races this weekend. Stay tuned.

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