Monday, November 21, 2011

So Far So Good

       Time in the county is nearing an end. I'll soon be off to West Yellowstone. Everything is in good form as I said it would. I have a couple of days off and as always will be busy the whole time. I did a time trial on Saturday, made some progress on my trail project,  failed to slay any animal in the great north of Maine, and I hate training in the cold rain. All that and more in last three weeks.
       I've seen plenty of deer sign around, but not necessarily any deer. Seeing the deer is a key part in shooting one so you can see where there absence can be problematic. I have tomorrow off so that will be an optimal chance to break the trend. I haven't shot any birds yet either. I had the perfect window of opportunity on a run the other day and low and behold the dog was in the window. So unfortunately no wild chicken for dinner yet.