Sunday, October 30, 2011

Training anyone?

        Thought I would share the document that dictates most of day. This is the first week of the training plan that was emailed to me this morning. If you don't know what any of it means don't worry. I had to have the coach clarify some of it for me. This week has a double threshold session on Thursday. All of the hard sessions are incorporated with shooting. Next week and the week after are equally brutal. There is no rest for me anytime soon. Sunday's workout is the only one I'm looking forward to.   

Training plan Week 1 oct 31st-nov 6th

intensity level

shoot- tot % of HR

ing hours HR max
Mon morn dryfire with focus on triangle theory, breathing, aiming

AM 6*5 min + Impulse after outside*10 followed by 2 min threshold (30 + 20)
2 87-92 4+3

if possible with shooting100 100

PM maq / redcord
1 55-72 1

Tues Morn dryfire, focus on breathing

AM Tech spec combo
2 55-82 1+2

zero20, slowfire30 with focus on things to fix, 1xrealy16, 1xsprint10, 2xindividual40 116

PM Free
1.8 55-72 1

Wed morn

AM OD Xtraining
2 55-72 1


Thur Morn dryfire, focus on breathing, aiming, trigger, bolting

AM Combo DP/NP 4*4 (start DP/NP with impulse)
1.8 82-92 3

zero20, L3 8clips40, impulse20, L1 4clips20 100

PM 5*5 min normal (zero20, 5clips25 L3, 8 clips40 L1) 85 1.8 82-92 3

Fri morn dryfire, focus on 1st and 2nd phase

AM Run/skiwalk
2 55-72 1

PM Free
2 55-72 1

Sat Morn dryfire with focus on triangle theory, breathing, aiming

AM Impulse + Combo 8*8 min short rest
2 82-87 3

zero20; impulse40, L3 8clips40, standing on prone 20 120

PM circuit strength focus on core 6 stations with shooting
0.8 55-72 1

Sun Morn

AM off




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