Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things Modern Electronics can Teach us.

         Some of the USBA athletes did a time trial the a couple of weeks ago. My race was okay at best. The most constructive part was that I learned a lesson. Or so I thought. I made it a point not to learn from my  mistakes. This way I would only do better next time. And everything else in my life would also get better right? Wrong! The time trial I did on Saturday. did not follow my prediction. I did my homework and failed the test. Thankfully this was a practice test. The bigest difference from this TT to the one prior was that there was almost nothing to learn from it. Almost...
         The TT in Lake Placid could have been better if I had more/better focus for all four stages rather than only two. I talked to our team sports physiologist about this. His suggestion was to do a more/better mental preparation leading up my TT. I did this. I factored in the weather, heart rate, dull pole tips, heavy legs, all of it. I had already done the race before I left the house Saturday morning. The important  part was the shooting. I imagined what five good shots in a row felt like.
          And then there was what reality had in store for me. It took about 30 minutes to get to Fort Kent and about 40 minutes to set up the range and zero with out a scope... in the rain... plus it was cold that day. Which was semi factored into imagination Saturday. I took three misses in the first stage. Skiing was feeling stale. Since it was only loop two I chalked it up to good pacing. The next stage was the only successful one of the day. I put my skills together and cleaned the stage. Then I missed five. I can rightfully blame it on the frost heave in the pavement under the shooting mat. So much for a consistent prone position. I proceeded to miss three in my last standing stage. Also ski speed remained kinda dull. I think I was just plum tired.
          This time I wasn't sure what I did wrong. I made the most of each shot. I told myself not to make the same mistakes again. I'm not even sure that I did. What I do know is that not enough of the targets went down. If you've ever read my other blog on the MWSC site you would know that I've complained about this exact situation on more than one occasion. So what to do about this?
          Has your wireless router ever failed you. The answer is yes it has. Thank you planned obsolescence. Maybe your computer froze up, flashlight flickered on and off, wrist watch faded away, or hard drive crashed? And what do you do? You disconnect it, shut it down, maybe shake it a little, take the battery out, and sure enough it starts working fine again. You have know idea why, but you don't really care because now you can check email.
        I thought about this because I like to make random analogies like that. You can equate the same tactics that you do for electronics to other life problems. I'm going to forget about the TT on Saturday and start over. I have another TT on the plan for Tuesday. I'm going to attempt to have a good race. When you're not sure how to solve a problem just reboot it and then see what happens. If that doesn't work do it again because it my work on the second or third try. Sooner or later with enough persistence this biathlon project of mine is bound to work out. After all I wouldn't be able to post this with out functional internet.  

FAIL. But not all of the time.

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