Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SP one

       Yesterday marked our first of two sprint time trials here at Soldier Hollow. This is an important race for me because it's an opportunity to qualify for the November team camp in Sweden.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Some things you just want really bad.
       My primary reason  for the pre race nerves came mostly from some insecurities in shooting. Namely prone shooting. My weak point. I had a good feeling about standing and the energy level seemed high enough to warrant and strong ski time. To cope with the nervousness I focused on what I was going to have to do to hit the targets. This has been my routine for a while because the way I see it  if you follow the process you should have nothing to fear.
         I learned how to pace myself on the first loop. The Soldier Hollow loop in unique. There are grueling climbs that you can depend on and there are long downhills that you can depend on. I purposefully put myself in debt on the climbs because I knew I would have an adequate rest around the corner to compensate. Technique was my strong point of the race. The style is more efficient and smooth than ever. Actual ski speed was decent but still lacking that on snow peak season touch.